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  • FINE DOT GRID: Light grey dot pattern provides some visual reference if you want straight lines or charts, but is easy to ignore if you prefer a freeform space.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED CARDS | We print the dot pattern on both sides, so you get maximum utility out of each card. One side also bears the Notsu brand and a field to write the date.
  • HIGH QUALITY PAPER | Notsu cards are thick, sturdy, and feature a luxuriously smooth writing surface. Write with pencil, ball point, or gel without fear of the ink showing through.
  • ADAPTABLE PERSONAL ORGANIZATION | Index cards are the ultimate in low-structure personal planning. Write to-do items, timelines, project milestones, goal visualizations—cards are easy to update, sort, or cull as you refine a time management regimen that works for you.
  • CLEAN FRAMEWORK | Notsu products are lightly structured, giving you just enough guidance to help you find and refine your ideal method for keeping track of your tasks, projects, and goals.