Is the box re-usable?

Yes! We've designed this card case to live on any desk in any work environment. Use all the cards? We offer refill packs for each card design. Mix and match or just replace those you need!

How many cards does the case hold?

Our Centre and To-Do List sets come with 50 cards and cold hold a few more. Need to take it on the go? Slide on the lid and put it in a bag. Done and done!

What size are the cards?

Each card measures 3 in. x 5 in. and is printed on both sides. Keep the cards on you when you need them by folding and sliding them in a pocket or purse.

What else do you offer?

Notsu is all about optimizing our workflow everyday. We offer a variety of thoughtfully designed desk essentials made to help you hit your mark day in and day out.