The Index Card Case

A bold new take on task management


Durable Rigid Case

The sturdy box is designed for both storage and display. The box nests elegantly inside its own lid to store all cards and display a single card face-up for reference throughout the day

High Quality Card Stock

Notsu cards are thick, sturdy, and feature a luxuriously smooth writing surface. Write with pencil, ball point, or gel without fear of the ink showing through.

Hit Your Mark

Every person is unique, so there's no one “right” way to track and accomplish big things. Notsu task management cards feature a lightly-structured format to help you find your ideal system.


In a world where there is just a glut of choices on To Do list index cards, these little cards are a genuine breath-of-fresh-air. They are very, very well made, the card stock heavy, the print dark and the design is thoughtful.

- Pruitt & Deb

Love these! They're like little bullet journals. I have one labelled today, one this week, and one this month, and I clip all three to my computer using a note tower. It's been working great. Perfect for WFH.

- Gabriella

Uncompromising Quality

These cards are thick, sturdy, and feature a luxuriously smooth writing surface.


Is the box re-usable?

Yes! We've designed this card case to live on any desk in any work environment. Use all the cards? We offer refill packs for each card design. Mix and match or just replace those you need!

How many cards does the case hold?

This set comes with 50 cards with the capacity to hold up to 100. Need to take it on the go? Slide on the lid and put it in a bag. Done and done!

What size are the cards?

Each card measures 3 in. x 5 in. and is printed on both sides. Keep the cards on you when you need them by sliding them in a pocket or purse.

What else do you offer?

Notsu is all about optimizing our workflow everyday. We offer a variety of thoughtfully designed desk essentials made to help you hit your mark day in and day out.