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  • ORGANIZED | Managing your time is the key to managing your career. Keep your priorities for the week front-and-center so you remember your appointments, tasks, and goals.
  • FOCUSED | A desk calendar is no good if you have to remember to look at it. The Jot & Mark Weekly Planning Pad sits snugly alongside your keyboard, so it is always in view.
  • CLEAR | A desk full of sticky notes and “URGENT” phone messages adds visual noise to your workplace and makes you look untidy. De-clutter your desk by keeping your schedule and notes in one place.
  • FRESH | New week, new goals. Tear off last week's notes and challenges so you start every Monday visualizing where you want to be by Friday afternoon. Store the old pages in a file folder to build a detailed work diary that will help you remember significant accomplishments when it's time for your performance review.
  • BALANCED | Our clean, modern design gives you the helpful organizing structure you need without adding visual clutter or restrictive hour-by-hour timeframes.